20 artists selected for BORDERLINE OFFENSIVE artistic residencies

The Call to Arms for Artists launched by Borderline Offensive received more than 130 applications from 23 different countries. A group of experts from 12 different countries from Europe and the Middle East gathered in Leeuwarden, Netherlands, to select the 20 applicants who will join the artistic residencies taking place during the summer of 2018 in Bulgaria, Netherlands, Serbia, Slovakia and Sweden. 

The final selection is (by alphabetical order, unrelated to evaluation):

Gergana Dimitrova (BG)
Güneş Terkol (TK)
Veera Suvalo Grimberg (SE)

Grendel Games (NL)
Peter Gonda (SK)
Petko Dourmana (BG)
Salam Al Hassan (SY)

Dara Pop-Mitic & Svebor Midžic (RS)
Linda Wardal (SE) 
Nalan Yırtmaç (WO)
Zen Roorda (NL) 

Dragan Protic / SKART (RS) 
Khaled Jarrar (PS)
Peter Kociš (SK)
Sytze Schalk (NL)

Abduljabbar Alsuhili (SE)
Destructive Creation (BG)
Ivana Šáteková (SK)
Omar Abi Azar [Zoukak Theatre Group] (LB) 

The current selection is final and indisputable. The results of the evaluation will not be made public, to protect the privacy of all applicants.

The evaluation process was based on the joint discussion of a preliminary selection of best classified applicants at a local level, by each country expert. Then, the final selection was done together, based on another set of criteria and coherent matching, including preferences of applicants, logistical possibilities and/or constraints, and others.

This means that the final selection does not represent a qualitative ranking of applicants, or a comment on the artistic quality of the work of all applicants - only a selection of the best matches with the project's objectives. 

Borderline Offensive is a platform open to cooperation with new people, culture and geographies, and all applicants, selected or not are welcome to continue following the project and explore possibilities for cooperation in the future. 

More information about the residencies will be published soon. 

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