The Borderline Offensive Tour 2019-2020 starts now, insulting borders and taking the creative battle against fear and cultural phobia across the world.

This Borderline Offensive portfolio is our leading grey propaganda piece. Read carefully!
Arsenal (a.k.a. Artistic Projects)
Lets you know more about our artistic projects on tour, the artists behind them, and how to get them into your own town or venue.
How to use (Safety Instructions)
Please read this instructions before attempting to operate with any segments of the Borderline Offensive arsenal. Failure to do so, may result in an increased risk of personal trauma or loss of unneeded property, including through fire, electrical shock or fresh fruit. Borderline Offensive shall not be liable for damage caused where the weapon operator has failed to follow the instructions set out in this guide.
Want to host any of the Borderline Offensive artworks?
Your data is not kept and you are not subscribing to anything. But you might be volunteering your blood, sweat and tears; this is war, who knows?